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Sticky is a friend of Al Bundy and member of NO MA'AM. He appears in the Season 9 episode, "A Man for No Seasons"

He is played by actor Pat Millicano.


He first appears with the group at the NO MA'AM meeting where Griff is being initiated as the newest member of the group. He is the first person to point out how annoying Jefferson's joke about listing off the literal minutes of the previous meetings. After the meeting switches to the MLB (Major League Baseball) Strike of 1994 and how it has affected them, Al suggest that they can go play baseball at Wrigley Field, as it was currently not in use. He later questions the group as to how they could possible sneak onto Wrigley Field as it is private property, but Al shrugs it off, believing that no one can stop finely tuned athletes such as themselves from running onto an empty stadium and playing baseball.

Later, Sticky and the rest of NO MA'AM are in the local jail. He comments that he enjoyed hearing the crack of a bat again, before Griff points out that it was actually the sound of a nightstick.

It is unclear if he and several of the other NO MA'AM members in the episode joined Al, Griff, Jefferson, and Bob Rooney on the Chicago Cleavage team, as part of the The Working Man's League.