Stymie Bundy is Al's uncle who had died and whose wake had just been held at the beginning of the episode of Married... with Children titled "And Baby Makes Money" in Season 5. At the reading of the will, he mentioned Al's cousins, and how he hoped they became their dream jobs, such an Astronaut, Bank President, and Neurosurgeon. Ironically they all had mostly menial labor jobs, except one who did become bank president, but was now in jail for money laundering. For Al, the will mentioned he didn't have a dream, and just hoped he had enough sense to dump the red-head, (Peg). He offered 500,000 dollars to whoever had a Bundy baby boy born in wedlock, and named it after him. Peggy decided to use this to have sex with Al, while taking birth control. One of Al's cousins won but was immediately killed afterward by his wife (who happens to be the attorney who read Stymie's will), secretly for the money. Stymie Bundy was said to have been the only Bundy to die from natural causes, and the only one named after a Little Rascal. Al believes Stymie's success is due to the fact Stymie never married.

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