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Sue Casa, His Casa was the third episode of Season 5 of Married... with Children, also the 83rd overall series episode. Directed by Gerry Cohen, and written by Kevin Curran, the episode originally aired on FOX, premiering on October 7, 1990.


After Al refuses to get insurance for his car, Bud and Kelly get in an accident with a man in a Mercedes. The Mercedes owner sues them for a million dollars and they counter-sue for a jillion dollars, using fake injuries and Marcy's testimony. Dr. Joyce Brothers makes a guest appearance.

Episode summary[]

In this episode, Al sees a golden opportunity when a Mercedes plows into the Dodge with Kelly and Bud in it. Despite the Bundys' long history of coming out on the wrong end of lawsuits, with Marcy as an independent witness, Al is determined to sue. After Al refuses to get insurance for his car, Bud and Kelly get in an accident with the man in the Mercedes. The Mercedes owner sues them for million dollars, so they counter sues them for a jillion dollars using fake injuries and Marcy's perjurious testimony!


Guest starring[]

  • Mark L. Taylor as Mr. Lincoln
  • Dr. Joyce Brothers as Judge
  • Rif Hutton as Baliff


  • Al: Now Peg, what can you do without?
  • Peggy: Apparently an orgasm.

  • Al:  ...and may I add that it's nice to see a woman in a robe whose not wearing fuzzy pink slippers and a bag of Doritos in her lap!

  • Judge: Mr. Bundy, before we begin, could you tell me why your wife is wearing a neck brace when she wasn't involved in the accident?
  • Peg:  Let me answer that, your Honor. You see, it's sex whiplash. But it IS accident related. You see, my husband got so excited over this jillion dollars, that he, uh, just lost control of himself last night in bed. He kinda caught me off guard... he moved!

  • Lawyer: Miss Bundy, how many fingers am I holding up? (holds up three fingers)
  • Kelly: (in dark glasses and a cane) Oh, you're not going to catch me with that one! I'm BLIND!
  • Lawyer: Alright, would you please point out the man who hit your car and blinded you?
  • Kelly: Sure. It is that guy right there (points to the table across from the witness stand) in the grey suit and little band-aid on his forehead. (Al and Peggy lower their heads in shame)
  • Lawyer: You may step down, Miss Bundy (Kelly walks with Buck and sticks her tongue out at the other driver before arriving back at the Bundy's table)

  • Lawyer: Now Mr. Bundy...
  • Bud: Call me "Big B"
  • Lawyer: No!  (Bud is taken aback by the response) Mr. Bundy, I bet you're a good driver.
  • Bud: 98 on the written exam, babe.
  • Al: (whispering to Peg) My boy is a winner, unlike your girl.
  • Lawyer: Now, you're a fine, young man. (Smirks, then motions with his right index finger for Bud to lean forward) Do you know what they do to fine young men in the Big House? (Smirk is wiped off Bud's face as he readjusts his collar). That's right, "Big B"! And that is where you are headed if you perjure yourself! (turns to face the courtroom) So I am going to ask this one time, and one time only: How did this accident occur?
  • Bud: (rapidly) W-w-well, we were playing "Eye-ies Close-ies" and my sister put her hands over my eyes and I couldn't see and I hit the gas and I heard a terrible crash! (Stands up) But the part about us being hurt was the idea of THAT MAN ! (Pointing to Al)



  • The title is a play on the Spanish idiom, "Mi casa (es) su casa" ("My house (is) your house"), meaning that a visitor should make themselves at home and also that Al is being sued.


  • Bud gets his driver's license in this episode and boasted that he scored 98% on the written part of his license exam.
  • Bud reveals that he is 16 years old in this episode.
  • Al's car insurance is from Jim's Fish, Chips and Insurance.
  • Al indicates that his Dodge is worth less than $100. After bringing in the kids following the accident, Peg points out that according to the Kelley Blue Book, it is worth $70.
  • Peggy reveals that they previously tried to sue the Girl Scouts but lost.
  • The car that hit the Dodge is a Mercedes-Benz R129 500 SL.
  • The judge in this episode was played by Dr. Joyce Brothers, a psychologist and columnist who was credited with making psychology more mainstream to the American public with her advice columns and television appearances. This was one of her few acting roles where she didn't player either herself or a doctor.
  • After the accident, Al is shown going to the closet, picking up a baseball bat and then walks out to check on the kids. A similar scene happened in season 4's "Rain Girl", when Al grabs a bat and walks out to meet Kelly after she crashed her new car.
  • Marcy mentions her ex-husband Steve Rhoades and his love of German cars, though she doesn't says his name directly.
  • Even though Marcy rants on about how much she hates German cars after claiming that they took her ex-husband, she still owned a Mercedes-Benz into Season 11.
  • Rif Hutton (the Bailiff) and Mark L. Taylor (Mr. Lincoln, the plaintiff's attorney) previously appeared in an episode of the ABC televison series, Doogie Howser, M.D., titled "Simply Irresistible" as Dr. Welch and Dr. Price.

Cultural References[]

  • Bud tosses Al the "Bon Jovi hair" before they go out for the night, referring to the musician Jon Bon Jovi and his 80s' hairstyle.
  • Peggy makes a sarcastic remark after Al puts on the "Bon Jovi hair", calling him an older and gay Tarzan. He then comments that if she was Jane, Tarzan would be gay.
  • While first on the witness stand and being "blind", Kelly rhythmically waves her head around, similarly to the blind legendary musician Stevie Wonder.
  • Al tells Peg that it'll be her job to "...make sure old glory is flying high above our heads as we wait in line for free cheese", referring to Government Cheese.
  • As Marcy is dragged out of the courtroom following her rant about her ex-husband and his love for German cars, she tells the judge and audience, "Ask me what 'Fahrvergnügen' means!".
    • Fahrvergnügen is a German neologism that literally means "Driving Pleasure/Enjoyment". It was used as a slogan for German automaker, Volkswagen, in the early 1990s to describe the unique handling of Volkswagen compared to other cars on the market. [1][2]




  • Bundy Living Room / Kitchen
  • Courtroom
  • Hospital Room


  • During the courtroom scene, the paper in the court reporter's machine never moves, indicating that it is either turned off or a non-functioning prop.
  • After the accident happens, Al is shown with a baseball bat as he walks out to check on the kids. After he and Peggy bring them back inside, he doesn't have the bat with him.


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