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Tang is a fruit-flavored powdered drink mixture. It is consumed in various ways by the Bundy family on Married... with Children.

History[edit | edit source]

Al demonstrating how to make a Tangwich for Bud and Kelly

Tang was created in 1957 by a food scientist, William A. Mitchell, who also created other convenience foods such as Cool Whip and Pop Rocks,  and released in its powdered form in 1959, though it failied to gain popularity upon release.

Its improved its market share later, due to it being used by astronaut John Glenn on the Mercury flight in space in 1962 and later used in the Gemini flights.

Although starting out as an orange-flavored powdered drink, it has expanded its flavor catalogue to meet regional tastes, as it is sold in over 30 countries and comes in various obnoxious flavors such as grape, lemon, hibiscus, and mango, though orange is still its most well-known flavor.

Various assorted flavors of Tang, as it is sold in packet form.

Tang at the Bundy household[edit | edit source]

The Bundys use it as a drink in the morning, but as the family is considerably poor, they have also found ways to turn it into a food. Some of the ways the family has used it:

  • Tang Sandwich / "Tangwich" - Adding a few spoonfuls of Tang powder between two pieces of bread. It is necessarily to pinch the egdes or else the powder will spill out, as Kelly points out in "Desperately Seeking Miss October".
  • Tang Wipe - A slice of bread wiped inside the jar to absorb the residual Tang powder, as seen in "Impo-Dent"
  • Tang Margarita - Mixing Tang and pool water into a plastic cup, as seen in "You Better Shop Around, Part I"
  • Smoking Tang - A spiked drink the family offers to Al in "The Egg and I" as a way to poison him, so they could turn Steve in to the FBI, but he quickly points out that "Tang don't smoke".
  • Tang BonBon - A shotputt-sized BonBon that weighs 5 pounds created by Peggy, the ingredients of include an entire jar of Tang. And takes hours to chew As seen in "Al Goes Deep".
  • Bundy Mimosa - A bottle of beer and Tang, used by Bud after sleeping with Gary. As seen in "Bud on the Side"

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