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Tatum Tot is a character who appears in the Season 11 episode of Married... with Children titled "How to Marry a Moron (Part 2)". The part of Tatum is played by T.L. Brooke.

About Tatum[]

When Kelly Bundy and new soon-to-be husband Lonnie Tot introduces Bud to his sister Tatum, he first describes her as looking like an attractive wedding guest "but with bigger waloobies"; he neglects to tell him until the obese Tatum steps out to meet everyone that "Waloobies" in their family means "big butt cheeks!".

When Pearl, Tatum and Lonnie's mom, says "Now, don't they make a darling couple?" Bud replies "She makes a darling couple all by herself!". Their father, Earl, gets up and informs Al that if both of their kids get married, then he would be obligated to make Al a partner in Tot Industries. Knowing how much he loves Weenie Tots and the wealth that comes with being a business partner, he immediately informs the guest that Bud and Tatum are now engaged. This causes Bud to say "Damn you, Dad!" before finally escaping from Tatum's grip, as she practically chases him around the Bundy backyard trying to kiss him!

After Kelly calls off the wedding, as the Tots leave, Tatum turns around and blows a kiss to Bud. He debates with himself about being with Tatum before finally breaking down and saying that he just can't do it, despite knowing that she was possibly his last chance at wealth.