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Theodore Martin "Ted" McGinley (born May 30, 1958) is an American actor. He is known for his roles as Jefferson D'Arcy on the television satire Married... with Children and as Charley Shanowski on the ABC sitcom Hope & Faith. He was also a regular on Happy Days and The Love Boat, and is sometimes called 'the patron saint of jumping the shark', given his participation in very long-running projects.


Ted began his career in modeling. After a casting director spotted a picture of him in GQ,[1] he was cast in comedy series Happy Days as Roger Phillips (nephew of the Cunninghams), a role he played from 1980-1984. During the run of Happy Days, he landed a role in the 1982 comedy Young Doctors in Love.[2] After

Happy Days ended in 1984, Ted appeared in Revenge of the Nerds where he played Stanley Gable, the head of the jock-run Alpha Beta fraternity and the primary antagonist of the Lambda Lambda Lambda nerd fraternity; he reprised the role in the third and fourth movies in the "Nerds" franchise, both produced for television. He went on to appear in regular roles in television series including The Love Boat and Dynasty.[3] He then went into the role of Jefferson D'Arcy on Married... with Children from 1991-1997.[4] He had recurring roles on Aaron Sorkin's TV shows, ABC-TV's short-lived Sports Night, as Dana's boyfriend Gordon, and The West Wing as a TV news anchor. From 2003-2006, he played Charley Shanowski on Hope & Faith.[5]

Personal life[]

Ted married actress Gigi Rice in 1991 and has two children. His paternal grandfather was from Ireland [6]


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