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The Agony and the Agony was the second episode of the Married... with Children spinn-off series Top of the Heap. Written by Mike Scully and Lenny Ripps, the episode was directed by Linda Day. It first aired on FOX on April 14, 1991.


Vinnie reluctantly takes a job at a country club to help pay to get the building's broken furnace fixed.

Full episode summary[]

To be added.


Regular Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

  • Leslie Jordan as Emmet Lefebvre

Guest Stars[]

  • David Faustino as Bud Bundy
  • Rod Arrants as Hal Clayton
  • Mary Pat Gleason as Mrs. Epstein
  • Richard Fancy as Fred Epstein
  • Irene Olga Lopez as Lupe Hernandez
  • Greg Lewis as Gil Gilbert
  • Alisha Fontaine as Mrs. Gilbert
  • Anita Mann as Bee Bee
  • Jeff Reilly as Carlo Dupree



  • First appearance of Alixandra and Emmet
  • First appearance of the show's theme song and opening credits
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