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Kelly demonstrating The Bundy Bounce

The Bundy Bounce is a move created by Kelly Bundy as an eye-catching way for her to introduce the Allante model car and become the next spokesmodel for the company. It is later stolen by another girl, due to Bud and his desperation to get a date, while Kelly prepared to demonstrate in front of a casting agent. It was one of the many things that Christina Applegate did that was largely admired by the male demographic of the audience, because of how it made her breasts shake up and down.

It is seen in the season 5 episode "Kelly Bounces Back".

How to perform The Bundy Bounce[]

1.Squat down low

2. As you begin to stand, slowly wiggle your hips and glide your hands around your body as you say "The neewwwwww...."

3. As you finally stand up, you say "Allante!" as you extend your arms out at a 45 degree angle and bounce your body.


Kelly demonstrating the Bundy Bounce