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The Computer Show is the 20th episode of season 3 of Married...With Children, also the 55th overall series episode. It originally aired on FOX on May 14, 1989. Directed by Gerry Cohen, the episode was written by Ralph R. Farquhar.


Against Al's wishes, Peg and Marcy buy a home computer for the Bundy house.

Full episode summary[]

Season three's twentieth episode sees Al being pushed by Steve and Marcy into buying a computer for the family. Steve gets him a discount, on an expensive model, and Al finds himself looking at a $2500 paperweight, which the rest of the Bundys ridicule, decorate and argue about, but never manage to use.

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  • The title is a reference to the episode being focused on the Bundys getting a new computer


  • The computer's performance specs are:
    • 3600 baud modem
    • VGA high resolution color monitor
    • 40 MB hard disk
    • 7 MB RAM
  • While training Buck to bring him slippers, he brings Al what looks like a bra and suggests that he uses that for when they go to the beach. In the next episode, the family does go to the beach.
  • Peggy mentions that it was Buck who potty trained Kelly and Bud.
  • Kelly mentions that she is in remedial reading.
  • Marcy states that she and Steve has been neighbors with the Bundys for 937 days, which is approximately 2.5 years

Cultural References[]

  • Al mentions watching the television series The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin and compares Buck to the eponymous character.
  • Kelly attempts to understand the children's nursery rhyme, Jack and Jill.
  • Steve tells Al "Welcome to Tomorrowland" and asks him where to put the new computer. Al sarcastically tells him to put it in "It's a Broke World After All".
  • After Peggy tells him to say something about the computer after planning to dust the coffee table for it, Al wonders out loud if he is the forgotten Marx Brother, Zeppo Bundy, referring to actor Zeppo Marx.
  • Kelly attempts to write a report on the classic novel Moby-Dick, but Bud tricks her and mixes in elements from the television series Mister Ed, by claiming the whale could talk, and referring to Ishmael as "Wilbur", before singing a variation of the show's theme song.
  • The computer jokingly refers to itself as "The pet rock of the 80s".
  • After Marcy compares the computer to Steve, he tells her "You ain't just whistling IBM, baby". This is a reference to the idiom "You ain't just whistlin' Dixie" and the computer company IBM




  • Bundy Living Room / Kitchen

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