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The Hood, the Bud and the Kelly is the fourteenth episode of Season 10, and the 223th overall episode of Married... with Children.


Al and Jefferson insist on installing a satellite dish on the roof themselves, but spend more time falling off the roof than staying on it. Meanwhile, Bud gets the idea to direct an exercise video starring Kelly and a Latino hunk named Rafael; however, he had to borrow money from the mob in order to finance the video.


Al buys a satellite dish from a discount store and he and Jefferson insist on installing it themselves. Kelly gives Bud an ultimatum to find new clients and stuff for her to do. Bud is turned down for a loan at every bank in Chicago. However, while Jefferson and Al are working on the dish, Bud turns on the TV (electrocuting Al) and finds a commercial advertising Vito, a guy who won't say no to any loan request. Bud decides to borrow money from Vito, whom, unbeknownst to Bud, is a local area mobster and loan shark. He uses the money to finance an exercise video staring Kelly and a Latino hunk named Rafael. But Kelly and Raphael get into a fight over who will star in the video, promoting them to storm off to their dressing rooms. Then Bud learns that Vito is dangerous and want's the video completed on time, by 5pm, or he'll die.


Main cast[]

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  • Ossie Mair, who plays the loan officer at the 4th Bank of Chicago who rejects Bud's loan request, would appear with David Faustino again in his 2009 sitcom project, Star-ving (sitcom).
  • This is the first of three episodes to feature Jennifer Lyons as Bud's girlfriend, Ariel.
  • Marcy reveals that she deliberately made sure that Bud could not get a loan from the banks he visited.

Cultural References[]

  • As Bud follows Kelly upstairs and asks if she thinks that she is his only client, Lucky says that he left Bud for the William Morris agency.
    • The William Morris Agency was a Hollywood-based talent agency that represented some of the best known entertainers in film and music. In 2009, it merged with Endevor Talent Agency to become William Morris Endevor and by 2017, became simply known as Endevor.
  • Kelly complains that Bud got her a part in a Depends commercial.
    • Depends is a brand of adult undergarment for those who suffer from urinary incontinence, typically aimed towards older adults and the elderly.
  • After firing Bud, Kelly asks out loud who represents Pocahantas because she is in everything.
    • Pocahontas in this case is in reference to the Disney cartoon character from the 1995 animated film of the same name.
  • The store that Al and Jefferson bought the satellite from, "Crazy Achmed" is a likely reference to the Los Angeles based discount electronics store, Crazy Gideon's.
  • The black and white television show that is playing while Al is electrocuted is The Donna Reed show, more specifically, the episode "The Foundling".
  • In his commercial Vito Capone says "No relation" after introducing himself. This in reference to him sharing the same last name as Chicago based gangster Al Capone.
    • This can also be a reference to the Tiny Toon Adventures characters Buster Bunny (male) and Babs Bunny (female). One of them usually says "No relation" during a given episode.
  • The phone number for Moneyland, 1-800-HORSEHEAD, is a reference to the 1972 crime film, The Godfather. Specifically it is in reference to a scene where Mr. Woltz wakes up to find his prize horse's severed head in bed next to him.


  • A parody version of "For the Love of Money" by the O' Jays is played when Bud tries to get a loan from several different banks.



  • Bundy Living Room / Kitchen
  • Gary's Aerobics Studio Workout Area


  • As Jefferson struggles to move the ladder outside, he knocks the satellite box back to the front of the garage door and hiding its "Crazy Achmed" logo. Then after Al complains about Peggy and Marcy laughing and doubting them, as he walks to pick up the box, it has somehow been moved to the front of the drawer next to the garage door, with its logo clearly visible.
  • When Al falls off the roof, a dummy is shown. When Al is shown staggering around afterward, it is obviously a stunt double who then breaks Jefferson's fall after he slips.
  • When Al fall from the roof while measuring the distance, the tape measure lands outside near the ladder and Al lands with his head pointing to the ladder as well. Then just before Jefferson falls off the roof after Al pulls the tape measure down, Al's head is now pointing toward the screen door entrance and the tape measure is inside the house. Finally, when Peggy mocks Al about "Five minutes", the tape measure has disappeared altogether.
  • When Al tries to pull Jefferson down with the measuring tape, it is clearly a stunt double who is slightly heavier and has more hair than Ed O'Neill. Also when Al's voice is heard yelling "I'm right here, Jefferson!", Ed O'Neill's voice is coming from a different location and the stunt double is clearly not moving him mouth as his face can be briefly seen before he tugs on the tape.
  • When Bud turns on the television and sees Al being electrocuted, it would be rather impossible, since there was no receiver set up to the television in the first place or how it would even transmit an image of Al onto The Donna Reed Show.
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