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The Hood, the Bud and the Kelly (Part 2) is the fifteenth episode of Season 10, and the 224th overall episode of Married... with Children. It is the final part of a two parter revolving around Bud and the Mafia.


Bud has trouble filming his exercise video, as Kelly and Raphael have trouble co-existing. To make matters worse, Vito's goon, Gino, has threatened to kill Bud and harvest his organs if things don't go well. Meanwhile, the wives of NO MA'AM make bets on which of their husbands will fall off the roof next while trying to install a satellite dish themselves.


Bud tries his best to shoot the video, but keeps failing due to the immaturity of the squabbling by Raphael and Kelly, as Gino awaits to deal with Bud at 5. Finally he just plays both the music and the two together and succeeds in making a video. Peggy and Marcy make money by placing bets on which husband will fall where. The men realize that they can just hide from their wives while on the roof while watching TV on it. However, Bob finds an egg upon the antenna. Despite Ike's warnings, Bob picks up the egg anyway, and this angers the mother bird, who flies down and lifts Bob into the sky. Officer Dan shoots the bird down, which drops Bob onto Griff, who was on the ground.

It seems Bud and his crew have made a video that is passable to the Mob, but it's revealed that the tape also captured the confession of a murder by Bebe, one of the mobsters, while talking to Gino. Bud tells Raphael and Kelly not to say anything about it, but they squeal on first sight of Vito. However just as Vito orders his man to sic Bud, the three background dancers used in the video draw out their weapons, stating that they were with the authorities. They arrest Vito and the mobster, but also Bud for his (sexual) harrassment during production. Bud is sentenced to life in prison under a "One Strike and You're Out" law. The guys plan to get him out soon, after they watch some more TV on the roof.

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  • Bud's middle name is revealed as Franklin in this episode.
  • The rerun airing on ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks is edited to exclude the "Screw U" dialogue between Jefferson and Officer Dan.
  • In this episode, the mother bird that attacks Bob Rooney is referred to by Officer Dan as a “B-52 with a beak” and it lifts him over 70 feet into the air, something even the strongest birds, like the eagles are not capable of doing. Given its size and strength, it’s possible that the “Mama Bird” is a late surviving specimen of the genus Argentavis, a giant prehistoric bird of prey that resembled a cross between an eagle and a condor. It stood up to 6 feet tall, and had a wingspan of about 25 feet. It was the only bird that was big and strong enough to lift a human.

Cultural References[]

  • After Jefferson and Officer Dan get into an arguement over the part, "screw U", Jefferson takes a one legged stance with his arms up and folded like a wing. This is a reference to the 1984 martial arts film, The Karate Kid in which the protagonist uses the technique to score his victory in the All Valley Karate Tournament.
  • One of the women asks Gino if his PowerBook has Mortal Kombat on it. He then boasted that he has the highest score in the mafia.
    • Mortal Kombat is a video game franchise that is known for its extreme violence and gore. A few months prior to this episode's original airing, the third installment of the series, was released in arcades, as well as a live action film.
  • Rafael tells Bud that he would "rather give CPR to Rosie O'Donnell" than listen to Kelly's workout music.
    • Rosie O'Donnell is an actress and comedienne who shortly after this episode originally aired, she became the host of her own daytime talk show, The Rosie O'Donnell Show.
  • After finishing up filming, Bud refers to Raphael as "El Boy-o Loco" while talking to the background dancers. This is in reference to the Mexican-style chicken restaurant chain, El Pollo Loco. Although El Pollo Loco is a real chain of Mexican-style chicken restaurants, they are primarily based in California and the southwestern US and did not have any locations in Illinois at the time this episode was filmed.
  • The undercover cops in the exercise video are named Farrah, Jaclyn and Kate, which are the names of the actresses who starred in the 1970s television series, Charlie's Angels (Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson).
    • They even pose with their guns in the same formation that the trio does during the opening credits of the show.
  • The "One Strike and You're Out!" sexual harassment law that put Bud in jail at the end of the episode is a parody of the Three-strikes law that was legislated into law in 1994. The law is meant to give criminals who committed a felony for the third time a mandatory life sentence in prison after having committed two prior felonies.



  • Bundy Living Room / Kitchen
  • Bundy Roof
  • Gary's Aerobics Studio Workout Area


  • When Raphael storms into his dressing room after the argument with Bud, the star falls off the door. Later on when Bud bangs on the door for Raphael and Kelly to hurry up so he can make the video before Gino kills him, the star is back on the door.
  • Bud and Kelly watch a video of Gino and Vito plotting crimes. However, when the camera shows Bud and Kelly in a reverse angle, we also see the back of the VCR and the television monitor. There are no cables hooked up.
  • When Officer Dan falls on top of Ike, its clearly a dummy and doesn't even have any hair.
  • Bud refers to Raphael as "El Boy-o Loco", in reference to the restaurant chain, El Pollo Loco. Although El Pollo Loco is a real chain of Mexican-style chicken restaurants, they are primarily based in California and the southwestern US and did not have any locations in Illinois at the time this episode was filmed. So, it would not make much sense for Bud to reference a restaurant chain that was not known outside of the Southwestern United States.
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