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The Jiggly Room (frequently referred to as "the Nudie Bar") is a nudie/sports bar/strip joint which is also the local hangout of the Al Bundy, Jefferson D'Arcy, and all of the other buddies involved with their NO MA'AM club beginning in Season 9.


Although the "Nudie Bar" has been mentioned on the show as far back as Season 4, it appears to be a catch-all term for any of the local strip clubs with female dancers performing either partially or fully nude. One nudie bar was owned by Akbar Johnson in the Season 9 episode, "A Man for No Seasons" , but not shown, while another nudie bar was shown in "Rites of Passage" and "NO MA'AM. All three did not have a have name though. In "NO MA'AM", one nudie bar is mentioned by name, Club Squish, when Al introduces Bubbles Double Dee.

The actual Jiggly Room debuted during Season 9 and remained the primary strip club for the men until the series finale.

Some well-known actresses have made guest appearances on Married with Children who appear as feature dancers there, which include Traci Bingham, Cindyana Santangelo, who appears as feature dancer Sierra Madre, and porn star Kobe Tai (In a uncredited cameo appearance), not to mention the enormously well-endowed porn star/stripper/adult model Letha Weapons, who appeared as Rocki Mountains.


Owned by Iqbal, The Jiggly Room is a place where Al, Jefferson and their buddies can kick back, have a few beers and some wings, see some hot girls dance and have a break away from the wives, who often complain about why the guys spend so much time there!

As well as being a member of NO MA'AM, Officer Dan also visits the club while on duty, usually to avoid doing any actual police work. It was mentioned in "Kelly's Gotta Habit" that he permits his fellow NO MA'AM brothers to help him conduct strip searches there.

There is an 18 drink minimum.

The club has various themes depending on the day, including:

  • Amateur Night on Tuesdays
  • A-Cup Night on Thursdays (why NO MA'AM chooses to go bowling Thursdays)
  • Full Price Night on Fridays (the only night Al is unable to go)
  • Foreign Exchange Day

For the most part, the dancers are shown performing on stage, sometimes while on a stripper pole or offering lap dances to customers.