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The Marrying Guy is the sixth episode of the Married... with Children spinn-off series Top of the Heap. Written by Jonathan Collier, Wayne Kline, Mike Scully, and Kimberly Young, the episode was directed by Tony Singletary. It first aired on FOX on May 12, 1991.


Vinnie meets his first girlfriend on her wedding day, but Vinnie catches the groom with another woman.

Full episode summary[]

To be added.


Regular Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

  • Leslie Jordan as Emmet Lefebvre

Guest Stars[]

  • Jeri-Lynn Ryan as Tyler
  • Warren Munson as Minister
  • Phil Diskin as Stuie
  • Adam Mills as Brian
  • Starr Young as Amber Spagler
  • Frank Lloyd as Frank


  • Interestingly this plot would be recycled, with some minor changes, in MWC's seventh season with the episode titled The Wedding Show.
    • That MWC episode involved Bud having sex with a character, played by Joey Lauren Adams, that he doesn't know is the bride.
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