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The Mystery of Skull Island is the 14th episode of season 6 of Married...With Children, also the 119th overall series episode. Directed by Gerry Cohen, and written by Kevin Curran, the episode premiered on the FOX network, airing on January 5, 1992.


Bud dates a hot girl who is only interested in daredevils. Meanwhile, Al, Peggy, Marcy and Jefferson play a relationship board game.

Plot summary[]

As Grandmaster B, Bud does his coolest best while all over a girl named Kara (Bobbie Phillips), who takes him out to non-traditional Bundy things such as rafting and sky diving. When he gets the nerve to take her up on her challenge to him to skydive, she begins to get the hots for Biff, who's the parachute diving instructor, and renigs on her own offer to jump, leaving sad sack Bud to dive, when he his pushed out of the plane by the instructor accidentally while he attempts to get a "last kiss" from Kara! Meanwhile, Al and Peggy invite Marcy and Jefferson over to play a new board game called "Ethical Dilemma."

Scene exceprts[]


(playing a board game, Al has to tell what he cares about)

  • Al: I Care, by Al Bundy. When hooters jiggle around and I find nickels on the ground, I care. When a Mustang engine purrs and the bathroom is not hers, I care. When the pitcher's on the mound and the wife is underground, I care. But when I've been playing this for days, I will kill anyone who stays. I swear.

  • Biff: S-say Kara, you're cute.
  • Kara: Thank you. You're cute too. The second I saw you I knew we were going to have sex.

  • Kara: You're so brave Grandmaster B. You're all I ever wanted in a man. My last boyfriend was so boring. All we did was make love.
  • Bud: What a loser.

(thinking to himself)

  • Bud: I'm definitely not doing this. No way, no how, never.

(he glances hard at Kara's cleavage; still thinking)

  • Bud: Oh man. Look at those hooters!


  • Bud: I'm doing it.

  • Al: Middle-aged woman comes into the shoe store. She's wearing a Blossom hat, you know, the "I'm just a cute young girl of 45" look, and she's looking for something cool to wear to a Crosby, Stills & Nash reunion concert. So I suggest a nice recyclable paper bag to put over her face, you know, so she can save the planet two ways. So she maces me. But as I lash out blindly, I think I clipped her a good one in the teeth. So, from now on it looks like she'll be gumming the words to Teach Your Children

  • Bud: I'm totally done with women.
  • Al: What? What, did you get married?

  • Kara: Oh B, thank you for not hurting my father.
  • Bud: Well, from the fetal position, I can kill in three different ways.

  • Kara: I booked us on a rafting trip down a river the Indians used to call "kiss your white ass goodbye"

  • Kelly: There I am at the mall and this guy, some geezer rock star, steps on my foot. You know, that Springsteen guy.
  • Al: The Boss?
  • Kelly: I don't think so, Daddy. His wife seemed to be the one in charge.

Recurring cast/Guest stars[]

Cast Regulars

Guest starring[]



  • The title of this episode is a reference to Skull Island which is the fictional island home of King Kong.


  • As revealed by Peg in this episode, Al has a birthmark in the shape of Woody Allen on his bottom.
  • Marcy tells the group that she had a dog named Winkums and something tragic happened to her dog, as she is sobbing hysterically
  • Dan Clark, who plays Biff the Skydiving instructor, is an actor and fitness expert, who at the time of this episode, was best known for his role as Nitro on the show American Gladiators.
  • Bobbie Phillips who plays Bud's girlfriend, Kara, previously played Jill, another of Bud's girlfriends who fell for his Grandmaster B persona, in If Al Had a Hammer.

Cultural References[]

  • Kelly appears to be watching the cartoon Dudley Do-Right at the beginning of the episode, as Dudley Do-Right's arch-nemesis, Snidely Whiplash is mentioned and told to "unhand that Nell".
  • During Al's "A middle aged woman came into the shoe store" speech, he mentions a Blossom hat, Crosby Stills and Nash reunion and how that woman will be gumming the words to "Teach Your Children".
    • A "Blossom Hat" is a reference to the 1990s' NBC sitcom Blossom and the main character's quirky fashion sense, often wearing a novelty hat with a sunflower on it.
    • Crosby, Stills, & Nash was a folk rock supergroup whose songs were often reflective of their liberal, anti-war viewpoints. They were often known for repeatedly taking long breaks between albums, followed by a reunion tour and another long break.
    • "Teach Your Children" is a 1970 song by Crosby, Stills & Nash, which encourages parents to teach their children about dealing with war and other social issues.
  • The board game "Ethical Dilemma" is based off a real-life party board game called A Question of Scruples (although the game board seems to be a combination of Monopoly and The Game of Life).
  • Kelly mentions almost getting stepped on by "...that Springsteen guy" and Al asks if it was "The Boss", both referring to rock musician Bruce Springsteen.
  • Kelly mentions that she almost got a ride from the Swedish Bikini Team, who wanted to take her home and drink beer there, before taking a younger guy instead, much to Al's disappointment. The group who would later appear on MWC in season 6's The Gas Station Show and ended up taking Bud for a ride instead of Al.
  • Kelly briefly mentions baseball player Ernie Banks during her talk with Al while he stood alone in the corner. He would later appear in the season 8 episode "Dances with Weezie".
  • Bud tells Kara "Word to your mother", a phrase made popular by rapper Vanilla Ice in his song, "Ice Ice Baby".
  • Jefferson says that he keeps landing on "Date a Kennedy, Lose a Turn", which is likely a reference to the Kennedy family and the Kennedy curse.
  • Bud tells kelly "Yeah, like I'm really going to take the advice from someone who's fooled by every single disguise of the Trix Rabbit.", in reference to Trix cereal and its mascot, Tricks, The Trix rabbit, who often uses a disguise to get the cereal from kids.



  • Bundy Living Room / Kitchen
  • Airplane
  • Skies of Illinois


  • Bud is shown screaming and then talking while free falling with no issues. In reality, it would be impossible to talk or hear anything due to the accelerated speed. As such, skydivers would normally need to use hand signals to communicate with each other until the parachute is released.
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