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The Naked and the Dead, But Mostly the Naked was the 14th episode of Season 9 of Married... with Children, also the 197th overall series episode. Directed by Sam W. Orender, and written by Michael G. Moye, the episode originally aired on FOX, premiering on January 8, 1995.

Kelly gets selected to appear in a weight loss shake commercial in the episode.

An ogling Charlie checks out the enormously busted feature dancer "Rocki Mountains", much to the displeasure of wife Helen.


Peggy and her friends join the men at a visit to the nudie bar to find out why the men spend so much time there. Meanwhile, Kelly gets a part in a weight loss commercial.


To satisfy their complaining and curious wives, Al, Jefferson, Bob Rooney (E.E. Bell),Charlie (Barry Shabaka Henley) and all the other guys with NO MA'AM invite all the girls to accompany them to The Jiggly Room on a Friday night, on what is called "A-Cup Night", when smaller busted feature dancers appear, and the guys usually go bowling, to let the wives see what the guys really do there, and why they spend so much time there,

When the bar's owner, Iqbal (played by Iqbal Theba) introduces the enormously endowed Rocki Mountains (Letha Weapons), who Iqbal said "normally appears on Saturdays, but was appearing tonight due to her getting married Me!", all mouths are wide open and eyes agape as she begins her act! After taking off her star-spangled brassiere; the torpedo-busted Rocki coyly invites anyone in the audience by asking "Who's man enough to climb The Rockies?", Bob Rooney, who along with the other guys, was trying to keep his composure in front of the wives, gets so aroused, he blurts out "I can't take it anymore! It's partytime!" 

Meanwhile, Kelly gets a job in another TV commercial, this time for a weight loss shake product called "Waist-Away". However, she loses her job to nepotism as the obese daughter of the company president of the corporation which produces the product is selected, because of her connections, and the only way that they use Kelly is by superimposing the girl's head onto the body of Kelly!

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  • This episode is the first of three MWC episodes featuring Leland Orser as a cynical director and Kelly starring in his newest project.
  • Leland Orser, who plays Mark, would work with MWC cast member Ed O'Neill again in the crime thriller The Bone Collector four years later in 1999, although they don't share any screen time.
    • Orser plays Richard Thompson, the serial killer who tries to kill Denzel Washington's character, Lincoln Rhyme, but is killed by Officer Ameila Donaghy (Angelina Jolie), while O'Neill plays Detective Paulie Sellitto, a friend and colleague of Rhyme's.
  • In this episode, it is the first time that "The Jiggly Room" is mentioned by name and seen, along with its owner, Iqbal. In prior episodes, it is referred to as "The Nudie Bar".
    • As seen three episodes earlier in "A Man for No Seasons" it is mentioned that the guys go to a nudie bar owned by Akbar Johnson, which would imply that any strip club that Al and his friends go to is simply called "The Nudie Bar" prior to this episode.
  • The houses of Bob Rooney, Ike, Charlie and The D'Arcys is shown for the first time.

Cultural References[]

  • After complaining about why the women are allowing their husbands go to a strip club and the message it sends, Marcy notices a picture of John F. Kennedy Jr. and rips it out of the newspaper. She then jumps up and down before appearing to have an orgasm.
    • John F. Kennedy Jr. was an actor, lawyer and magazine publisher, known to many as the son of former U.S. President John F. Kennedy. At the time, he was known for his attractive looks and being in various relationships before getting married a year after this episode aired.
  • The logo on the ice cream tub that Louise ate from appears to be from Albertsons, a national supermarket chain primarily based in California that operates under different banners in the Mid-West and East Coast.
  • After Marcy and Peggy asks Al to be serious about why the guys go to the strip club, he turns towards Marcy and tells Peggy "Aw, c'mon now Peg, don't let Foghorn Leghorn here make an issue out of this".
    • Foghorn Leghorn is a Warner Bros. cartoon character, depicted as a tall rooster who speaks with a Southern accent and is somewhat bombastic and unrefined.
  • Kelly confesses the idiom "Is the Pope Catholic? And a does bear shit in the woods?" with "Is a bear Catholic?". The idiom is typically used to point out that the answer to a question that was just asked should obviously be "Yes".
  • Al asks the guys "Ginger or Mary Ann?", followed by "Gilligan or Mrs. Howell?" in reference to the characters from the 1960s sitcom Gilligan's Island.
    • Tina Louise, who played Ginger on Gilligan's Island previously guest starred on MWC in the season 5 episode "Kelly Bounces Back" as Miss Beck
    • In several past episode, it was mentioned that Al was a fan of Ginger, though in this episode, the guys voted for Mary Ann
  • When the men decide to go onstage and dance with the stripper, Bob Rooney imitates the iconic dance moves of the character Vincent Vega from the 1994 film, Pulp Fiction.



  • Bundy Living Room / Kitchen
  • Bundy Veranda
  • "Waist Away" Commercial Set
  • Hair / Make up area
  • Jiggly Room Dance Stage / Bar


  • At the beginning of the episode, Louise is seen eating an ice cream tub from supermarket chain, Albertsons. Albertsons at the time existed primarily in the Western United States. Although the company was expanding across the U.S. during the 1990s, it did not move into Illinois / the Mid-West until 1999, where it operates under the Jewel-Osco banner.
  • In this episode, the entire front of the D'Arcy's house is shown, but it doesn't match what is typically shown as their front door / driveway. In season 1's "Married... without Children", the opening credits for season 4 as well as in the season 11 episode, "The Stepford Peg", the D'Arcy's front door is green and directly faces their driveway, along with a yellowish exterior. The one shown in this episode has white doors and exterior, is underneath an awning and look similar to how the exterior of the Bundy Residence looks.
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