Wikia MWC - Al's shoeline

Al trying to repackage the shoe line

Al came up with a business venture where people would call Doctor Shoe (Al), and get advice on shoes. Al's idea was approved by Steve solely so he could win a trip to Hawai'i. Steve's boss mentioned that Al better succeed and pay back the 50,000 dollar loan or Steve would lose his job. As Al's plan went down the drain, Marcy loaned Al $50,000 from her bank, in order to pay Steve and let him keep his job; being an executive with an impeccable record, Marcy could afford one bad loan. Al however reinvested in his Shoe Hotline, costing Steve his job, and causing Marcy to be demoted to drive-thru window bank teller. Having sunk so much money into the project, Al even attempted to repackage himself as an expert on 'RGNE', and anything else that could be spelled using the same phone keypad numbers as 'SHOE'.