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The Two that Got Away was the ninth episode of the tenth season of Married... with Children, being the 218th overall episode in the series. The episode originally aired on FOX, premiering on November 19, 1995.


Al and Jefferson's fishing lodge reservation is usurped by Shannon Tweed and Jefferson plots revenge. But when they realize that they unwittingly took a nude picture of Shannon Tweed and one of the lodge employees, they try to make a small fortune. Meanwhile, Kelly and Bud hope to get Lucky a part in a dog food commercial. 

Guest Stars[]



  • The title of this episode is a reference to the idiom "The one that got away", which is typically used to express regret for breaking up with a person only to later realize how important or special they were.


  • Randolph, the innkeeper, is portrayed by Joey Sagal, Katey Sagal's brother. He previously appeared on MWC in the season 6 episode "She's Having My Baby (Part 2)" as one of the bar patrons at the Paternity Ward Bar.
  • Shae Marks, who plays Inga, previously appeared on MWC in the season 9 episode "Pump Fiction" as one of the sexy women in Al's second film, A Day in the Life of a Shoesalesman.
  • Donna D'Errico, who plays Helga, was Playboy's Playmate of the Month September 1995.
  • This episode features three Playboy Playmates acting in the same scene, though only two appear onscreen together at the same time:
    • Donna D'Errico - Playmate of the Month, September 1995
    • Shae Marks - Playmate of the Month, May 1994
    • Shannon Tweed - Playmate of the Month, November 1981 / Playmate of the Year, 1982
  • This is the third consecutive episode in season 10 to feature a Playboy Playmate. The previous episode "Blonde and Blonder" featured Heidi Mark, who was Playboy Playmate of the Month for July 1995, while the episode before that, "Flight of the Bumblebee" featured Neriah Davis, who was Playmate of the Month for March 1994.
  • When Bud tries to get Kelly to guess who his client is and hinted that they peed in the D'Arcy's roses, she says "Dad?". In several past episode, it mentioned that Al had urinated or defecated the gardens of the D'Arcys as well as several other neighbors. He even boasted about how the Jenkins' roses won a prize that year due to Al going to the bathroom in their garden in "A Man's Castle".
  • This is the second appearance of the director, played by Leland Orser, who directs Kelly in a commercial.

Cultural References[]

  • After Jefferson takes Shannon Tweed's insult about being an aging pretty boy personally, he says "Now, Redford, that's aging!". This in reference to actor Robert Redford who would have been about 59 years old when this episode originally aired.
  • When looking at the photo featuring Randolph and Shannon Tweed in the hot tub, Jefferson grabs the picture and says "Cosby's right. Kodak paper does make a difference!".
    • This in reference to photography company Kodak and actor/comedian Bill Cosby, who at the time, served as a spokesman for Kodak and several other companies during the 1970s, reaching the peak of his spokesman career in the 1980s. Though by the mid 1990s he was appear in less and less ads.
    • Bill Cosby and his fading spokesman career were previously referenced in the season 7 episode, "Un-Alful Entry".
  • At the auditions, the woman with the bulldog boasts that he plays Eddie on the NBC sitcom, Fraiser.
    • One of the stars of the show Edward Hibbert, later appeared on MWC as Dr. Richelieu.
  • The director sarcastically asks if Lucky played Murray on Mad About You before Kelly tells him that Lucky hates Paul Reiser.
    • Mad About You was an NBC sitcom that ran from 1992 to 1999, followed by a short series revival in 2019.
    • Paul Reiser is an actor and comedian who was one of the main stars of the show.
  • When Bud tries to encourage Lucky for the commercial, Lucky quips "I get in the commercial, you get the money, I end up sharing a jail cell with the cast of 'Diffr'ent Strokes'."
    • Diff'rent Strokes was an NBC (and later ABC) sitcom that ran from 1978 to 1986.
    • One of the stars of the show, Gary Coleman, appeared on MWC in "How Green Was My Apple" and "The Joke's on Al".
    • As Lucky alluded to, the three main cast members (Todd Bridges, Dana Plato and Gary Coleman) had some sort of legal trouble following the end of the series, as both Plato and Bridges went to jail on drug and criminal charges.
  • During the bidding for the photo, Jefferson complains that those press members had paid more for "Brett Butler pulling out her wedgie".
    • Brett Butler is an actress and comedienne who at the time starred in the ABC sitcom, Grace Under Fire, which also starred MWC guest star Geoff Pierson.


  • Al sings "On Top of Old Smokey" as he and Jefferson make their way to the lodge's entrance.



  • Bundy Living Room / Kitchen
  • Bundy Veranda
  • Elk Head Lodge Entrance / Outdoor Signage
  • Commercial set


  • After finding the pictures of Randolph and Shannon Tweed in the hot tub together, Al and Jefferson boast that they can sell it. In reality, they (along with whoever bought the photo if Al didn't swallow it) would likely face some serious legal issues, as Randolph had already asked them to leave before Jefferson took the pictures and that the pictures were taken on private property without Randolph's or Shannon's knowledge in a area where they likely expected reasonable privacy.
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