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The Verminator is the public persona and commercial spokesperson for Pest Boys Exterminators played by Kelly Bundy.


The original outfit consisted of a blue top with a red "V" on the chest, red skirt and boots, a blue headband with a red "V" in the center and red cape. In its later appearances during Season 8, the headband is removed. From "Scared Single" onward, the uniform colors are changed to red and gold. By Season 9, the uniform is modified to have no arm sleeves and by the final appearance, it is just a red and gold bikini.


Kelly had originally started working at the Chicago based theme park, TV World as the person who waves goodbye to park visitors upon exiting. After nearly being fired due to to her brother Bud and neighbors, Marcy and Jefferson D'Arcy filing false complaints against her, she stood up to her boss, Mr. Nielson and demanded a job that better suited her skills. Impressed by her response, he offers her the job to play The Verminator.

The job was originally to play a "reasonable facsimile" of a fictional character and a sort of superheroine of the insect-killing world in the "Commercial Land" attraction. Kelly noted that she enjoyed the job as she could order the kids visiting the attraction to do her bidding and even got Bud a summer job there playing her nemesis, Roach King.

While it is unclear when exactly she left TV World, by the Season 7 episode, "Kelly Doesn't Live Here Anymore", it is implied that she is unemployed (and unwilling to work), and forced by her father, Al Bundy to take a job as a waitress.

In the Season 8 episode, "Luck of the Bundys", Kelly loses her waitress job, as the diner she worked at was condemned and set to be torn down. Shen then tells parents that one of the exterminators that deloused her had remembered her from her days as "The Verminator" and wanted her to serve as their local mascot. She then participates in a promotional event where she rode a motorcycle over a bonfire, but is accidentally blinded by Peggy's camera flash and crashes the bike into the frat house where Bud was planning to move into.

She eventually begins appearing in commercials for Pest Boys Exterminators. While some commercials showed her using Bud and Buck Bundy for testing out products, she would later endure the same treatment in a series of commercials featuring her boss, Billy Ray Welnap .

Kelly becomes upset after the company orders her to wear a skimpy bikini in the Verminator colors for their next commercial. After Jefferson tells her to stand up for herself and demand better treatment, she does so, but ends up being fired.




  • The character's name and catchphrase, "Hasta la vista, Buggies" are references to the character "The Terminator".
  • The original Verminator uniform is similar to the DC Comics character, Supergirl while the red and gold uniform seen in Season 8 and 9 is similar to the DC Comics character, Lady Shazam.