Peggy's family, the Wankers, live in Wanker County ("The home of the big gassy possum"), a fictional Wisconsin county. They are more often mentioned than seen on camera. Peggy's mother is never shown (though she is heard in several episodes voiced by veteran comedic actress Kathleen Freeman), but her father Ephraim Wanker, played by veteran comedian/actor Tim Conway (of The Carol Burnett Show fame), appears in a few episodes. Mrs. Wanker's unbelievable obesity is the subject of many jokes, including one in which Al goes blind after accidentally walking in on her bathing. Other extended family members includes Uncle Otto, Uncle Irwin, the Wanker Triplets, Cousin Possum Boy, Cousin Effie, Cousin Eb, Cousin Zemus, who is played by Bobcat Goldthwait, and his wife Cousin Ida Mae who is played by Linda Blair, of The Exorcist fame, along with their six-and-a-half-year-old son, Seven. When Peggy hears Al encouraging Kelly to get a job, she mentions a tradition of the female Wankers of having men being buried earlier for having to keep them. However, this does not match up to a time when Peggy was put to work at hard labor by her Wanker relatives when she was pregnant, after visiting them when she had a fight with Al. The Wankers allegedly believed hard labor for pregnant women would result in a better delivery of the baby.