Al interviewed by Joe Morgan

Al being interviewed by MLB legend Joe Morgan on the plight of the Working Man's League, and its going on strike in "No Man's Leauge" in Season 8 of MWC.

The Working Man's League was an organization which appears in the Season 8 episode of Married... with Children titled "A Man For No Seasons".

About the LeagueEdit

When the Major League Baseball players go on strike, and after Al and his buddies get arrested for attempting to play their own games at Wrigley Field without a permit, the guys at NO MA'AM decide to start their own working man's baseball league. The teams included Chicago Cleavage, Boston Bazooms, New Jersey Nay-Nays, Buffalo Bodacious Ta-Tas, San Francisco Guys, and the Snack Trays, all sponsored by their local nudie bars. Griff also joins NO MA’AM. Once Major Baseball League returns, the sports teams disband ironically, due to a dispute between the players and the nudie bar owners over player contracts and revenue sharing, like the Major Leauges!