Wikia MWC - Lower Uncton in the '90s

Lower Uncton in the 1990s and darkness

In the 17th century, Al's ancestor, Seamus Bundy, insults a witch, who curses the village until all the living male Bundys are dead. In the present day, the Bundys won a free trip to England and the village of Lower Uncton, where the people plotted to kill Al and Bud. Al gambled the lives of the Bundy men in a jousting match against the witch's ultimate great-grandson, Igor. Al won the match and they were free. This was a three part televison event, the separate episodes being titled, England Show 1, England Show 2: Wastin' the company's money, and England Show 3: We're spending as fast as we can. The Bundys, understandably, never return to Uncton.