Top of the Heap (Pilot) After Vinnie loses his last boxing match, Charlie comes up with a plan to get Vinnie to marry a rich woman, so they crash a high society party. Al Bundy appears in this episode.
The Agony and the Agony Vinnie gets a job working at a country club as an assistant to the manager, and Charlie gets the hots for her. Bud Bundy appears in this episode.
Behind the Eight Ball Charlie overhears that a guy he is hustling at pool is a godfather. Kelly Bundy appears in this episode.
Stocks and Bondages A hot stock tip sends Charlie to a loan shark, where he gets $10,000, but Vinnie doesn't get the money invested.
The Last Temptation of Charlie Charlie has a hard time convincing Vinnie that he didn't sell their cat, Mr. Fluffy, to pay for the television he claims to have won. Kelly Bundy appears.
The Marrying Guy Vinnie meets his first girlfriend on her wedding day, but Vinnie catches the groom with another woman.
Mona by Moonlight Vinnie must take the owner's stepdaughter (a high fashion model) to a prom held at the club, but Mona also wants Vinnie to take her.