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Otto Wanker also known as Uncle Otto is the uncle of Peggy Bundy and granduncle of Kelly Bundy and Bud Bundy. He along with other Wanker Family members visit the Bundys in the season 2 episode, "All in the Family".

Otto is played by James "Gypsy" Haake


Otto is a man in his late 30s to early 40s with a slim physique and blond hair tied into a ponytail. Although unquestionably a Wanker, he seems the most sophisticated member of the clan, and shares a fashion sensibility with Kelly. Otto is a rather fey individual, joining in with 'the girls' rather than 'the boys' during the singalong.

When compared to Irwin, the two brothers seemed to be exact opposites in every possible way.


After Peggy informs Al about her relatives arriving, he notices that they came via a horse wagon. Otto is the first to enter the house and hugs his niece. He then tells her that the house looks like a filth hole, causing Al to silently mock Otto for being an effeminate male. Irwin and the Wanker Triplets then come in, much to the delight of Peggy and disappointment of Al. Otto informs Peggy that her mom is outside and has to sweat before she can get outside of the wagon. He then blames Irwin for not bringing a can of WD-40 to make it easier for Peg's mom to slide out.

As Al was planning to use this 3-day weekend to watch Hondo, he informs the Wankers that he wants to be left alone in peace to watch it. He then tells them that he doesn't want them to do stupid things such as "Belly Butting", "Spitting for Distance" or running around with underwear on their head. It was also mentioned earlier that Al missed another western film, Shane, the previous year after Irwin decided to ram his head through the television set.

Bud and Kelly come down to greet their uncles, with Otto and Kelly hugging and kissing each other on the cheek. They both compliment each other's fashion sense. Bud acts more friendly with Irwin and coldly greets Otto, who just rolls his eyes in annoyance with Bud. Seeing the family together, Peggy leads all of them through a hootenanny. Otto opts to sing with the girls instead of the guys (Bud and Irwin) when Peggy has them sing in groups divided among the boys and girls, as they sing "You Are My Sunshine" and "Good Hearted Woman".

Otto then tells Peggy that they're hungry from their long trip and asks if they can go out to eat. Al is forced to take them out and Irwin informs them that they should get going soon, as it is challenging to put Peggy's mom back in the wagon once she squeezes out. Bud then asks if Irwin would ram his head through the salad bar again, before telling his nephew, "If you're good". As Otto makes it to the door, he turns back to Al and tells him that he was never good enough for the Wanker family. But Al quips that unlike them, he hasn't been brought up on a morals charge.

Some time later, back in the Bundy kitchen, Irwin sets a record and eats 1,000 fries, much to the disgust of his brother. Otto then calls him a "Beast of Burden". The two stand up and are about to fight before Peggy intervenes. Otto later reveals to the Bundys that there is trouble within the Wanker family. He notes that the family income primarily comes from the stables (and home yogurt business as Irwin notes), but the triplets add greatly to the income, as their performances at carnivals and beer fests netted them $88.50 last month. He continues on and points out that the trouble is that one of the triplets wants to get married, which would ruin the relationship between the three of them and the honeymoon costs would also bankrupt them as they would miss out on 17 scheduled performances and fears that the public would eventually forget about them, comparing them to musician Glen Campbell.

Al asks the triplets if the fiancée is outside of the family, and Otto reveals that "In Wanker County, no one is really outside the family!". Kelly then asks Otto if John, a boy who works at the feed store is also related. Otto believes he is, causing Kelly to hide her face in shame.

Irwin, believing that a shoe salesman is a professional job, asks Al to help them figure out what to do, but he refuses to get involved. Peggy convinces him, despite noting that anytime he has helped them, he misses his movie and is called an idiot. He asks if the particular triplet wants to be married and after they all say "Yes", he offers his blessings to her and her future husband, causing the triplets to cry and run upstairs as Peggy calls Al an idiot and Irwin nods in agreement.

After Peggy, the Uncles and Kelly belittle Al, he decides to visit the Rhoades residence and unintentionally ruins their romantic dinner. Peggy eventually arrives as Steve and Marcy bicker over their own family issues and tells Al that he needs to help find the triplets after they ran away. Despite his pleas that he doesn't want to miss Hondo, Al goes and finds them at the docks, as they tried to join the Merchant Marines.

Despite one of the triplets saying that her problem hasn't been resolved, Al finally sits down to a tape with Hondo on it and tells them that he doesn't care about their problems. Unfortunately, despite Al being happy that they actually recorded it for him like he asks, as the film is about to start, it suddenly cuts to footage of Irwin and Otto in the kitchen as they both come together and sing "You Are So Beautiful to Me" for Peggy.

Otto goes and asks the triplets if this problem has been resolved, but only one said yes. He then turns and blames Irwin for this, as he was the one who invited the fiancée over. Irwin defends himself, saying that they were originally just going to roll him. Otto hopes that at the very least he took the fiancée's wallet, but Irwin hangs his head in shame, causing Otto to slap him across Irwin's arm instead of his face (due to their height difference). Irwin becomes upset and begins to choke his brother. Seeing that it is time to take control of the situation, Al tells everyone in the living room to stand together as he walks to the closet, pulls out a shotgun and is about to open fire on them.

As it turns out, the entire situation was just Al's dream as Peggy tries to see if it is ok if her family actually visits them. Before he can say anything to her, the doorbell rings, followed by Irwin smashing his head through the front door and says "We're here!" with a sinister grin on his face.

In the Season 5 episode, "We'll Follow the Sun", Al mentions him while giving a speech to the people stuck on the expressway with him during Labor Day.