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I'm a huge Married... with Children fan from Germany. It's been my all time favorite show since I was in 6th grade and watched it everyday after school. I just recently finally bought the series box set (in 2017) and watched all 11 seasons within about 3 months. It didn't take me long to fall back into the Bundy fever and I found this site.

Since I love doing research on topics that interest me a lot and contributing to databases like this one, this is just perfect for me. I'm hoping to contribute as much as I can, both with new pages and by cleaning up or adding information to already existing ones. May this be one of the most comprehensive MWC databases on the web.

My current plan is to go through every season episode by episode and unifying their layouts, as well as adding any missing pages that associated with each episode. That includes characters, actors, locations, animals, objects, vehicles, etc. This way I am hoping to get rid of as many red links as possible. I am still on Season 1 but working my way up.

I also aim to add any information that I can find that is not on here yet, as well as creating templates and categories that help organize and simplify navigation on this wiki. Additionally, I have opened two big new categories, International Remakes and Merchandise, which also includes the comic books. There is no real database or collection of information about MWC merchandise anywhere on the web so I am hoping to create one here. I have only just started though so help is always appreciated.

My favorite character is Peggy Bundy.

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