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About me[]

Terran Officer's the name, and Married... with Children is one of my favorite shows, ever. For the longest time, I had wondered why there was no English version for this wiki and a random search today brings me into it. My goal is to be able to help out in anyway I can, using what I know of wiki code, article styles from other wiki's and the show in general. Currently, I am looking to improve the currently existing articles, with an extreme few of adding new ones, although those will most likely pop up. I am also working on figuring out the POV (which for the moment, I am using past tense) and terminology (example: (The) Bundy's, or (The) Bundy Family, Etc...). I've been able to look around a little bit and get a sense of where is where, and what is not, what exists for templates, what does not, and what existing ones that could be fixed/improved or simply replaced.


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