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Vincent "Vinnie" Verducci is a boyfriend of Kelly's on Married...with Children who may also be a friend, and one of the two main characters on the FOX MWC spinoff series Top of the Heap. Like Kelly, he is considered very attractive, but quite the dunce, and, also like Kelly, he frequently takes the English language beyond its breaking point. He is often tricked by others, particularly his father, Charlie Verducci (played by Joseph Bologna).

Vinnie has had a job as a boxer, and later an assistant to a manager at a country club. Charlie's goal is to have Vinnie marry a rich woman, whereas Vinnie doesn't really care all that much about money. Vinnie seems to have a relationship with Mona, his neighbor and a temptress of experience but few years, and has a pet cat named Mr. Fluffy. He has appeared on Kelly's talk show Vital Social Issues N' Stuff as the guy with the cutest butt.

After his appearances on "Married...With Children", he would appear in the MWC spinoff, Top of the Heap and then once more on Vinnie & Bobby, which itself was a spinoff/revival of Top of the Heap. Both spinoffs only lasted for seven episodes each.