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Vinnie & Bobby is a sitcom that aired on Fox-TV on Sunday nights from May 30, 1992 to September 5, 1992. The series is a spin-off of the 1991 sitcom Top of the Heap, which was itself a spin-off of Married... with Children. Series star Matt LeBlanc played the character of Vinnie Verducci on all three shows, as did Joey Lauren Adams as Mona Mullins, although she only appeared in the backdoor pilot of the Married... With Children episode.[1]


Set in Chicago, Illinois, the series centers on Vinnie Verducci (Matt LeBlanc), a construction worker, and his roommate, Bobby Grazzo (Robert Torti) who share the same apartment Vinnie and his father once shared. Vinnie's father Charlie (Joseph Bologna) has apparently moved away, Vinnie's cat Fluffy has disappeared, and Bobby is moving his way in and has gotten Vinnie a job at a construction site. Interestingly, while Vinnie was potrayed as dimwitted on Married with Children, he seems to have somewhat matured in this incarnation, as he is an earnest worker at his construction job and attends night school at a community college in the hopes of achieving more steady employment. His foil is Bobby, who has a "devil may care" attitude toward life and focused mainly on getting girls.

Others shown were Mona Mullins (Joey Lauren Adams), their 17-year-old neighbor, who still has a crush on Vinnie and is repulsed by new neighbour Bobby. Other characters include fellow construction workers Bill Belli (John Pinette), Stanley (Ron Taylor) and Fred Slacker (Fred Stoller). One theme this show added to its predecessor is at the end of two episodes, the cast would begin an a cappella rendition of a song, for example, in episode 5 Vinnie, Bobby, Bill, Stanley and Fred begin to sing "Get a Job" by The Silhouettes, before the end credits roll. They also do the same thing with another song in episode 7.


Actor Role Appearances in Other Shows Episodes Appeared Total Episode Count
Matt LeBlanc Vincent "Vinnie" Verducci 10, 3 episodes of Married..With Children,
all of Top of the Heap
1-7 7
Robert Torti Bobby Grazzo 1 episode of Top of the Heap 1-7 7
Joey Lauren Adams Mona Mullins 10, 3 episodes of Married..With Children,
all of Top of the Heap
1-7 7
John Pinette Bill Belli 0, no reference or appearance 1-7 7
Ron Taylor Stanley 0, no reference or appearance 2-7 6
Sharyn Leavitt Winnie 0, no reference or appearance 2-7 6
Fred Stoller Fred Slacker 0, no reference or appearance 3-7 5
Mike Genovese Jim Wotowski 0, no reference or appearance 1-2 2

Episode list[]

  1. "Full Heap" / 1992-05-30
  2. "It's in the Bag" / 1992-06-06
  3. "Killer Shiller" / 1992-06-13
  4. "Vinnie Gets Sued" / 1992-06-20
  5. "The Belli Ache" / 1992-06-27
  6. "Spring Is in the Air" / 1992-07-04
  7. "The Credit Card" / 1992-07-11


No Title Directed by: Written by: Air date
1 "Full Heap" James Widdoes Ellen L. Fogle May 30, 1992

Pilot episode:  Dull-witted Vinnie Verducci, no longer living with his father, moves into another apartment in the building and takes a new job at a construction site and meets Bobby Grazzo, a fellow construction worker whom he asks him to move in with him to help in paying the rent. Meanwhile, Mona Mullins is still pursuing Vinnie whom she still has a world-sized crush on.

2 "It's in the Bag" James Widdoes Marjorie Gross, Ron Zimmerman June 6, 1992

Bobby starts dating Vinnie's night school teacher.

Guest stars: Colleen Morris, Mike Genovese and Barbara Alyn Woods

3 "Killer Shiller" James Widdoes Ron Zimmerman June 13, 1992

A co-worker tells Vinnie that his date looks like a wanted serial killer.

Robin Christopher guest stars.

4 "Vinnie Gets Sued" James Widdoes Marjorie Gross June 20, 1992

When Vinnie rescues an old guy from muggers, one of the attackers sues him.

Guest stars: Kevin Carr as Denny, Rocky Giordani as Gus, Debbe Dunning, Monica LacyFrank Lloyd as Frankie, Vidal Peter, Meg Register, and William Smith as Bean.

5 "The Belli Ache" James Widdoes Calvin Brown, Jr.,

Kim Weiskopf

June 27, 1992

Vinnie and Bobby try to get rid of Bill when he moves in with them.

Robyn Killian guest stars. 

6 "Spring Is In The Air" James Widdoes Ron Zimmerman,

Eddie Gorodetsky

July 4, 1992

Vinnie must learn to write poetry and Bobby must become a physics professor to get dates with their high school girlfriends.

Guest stars: Lori Butler, Mark J. Goodman, Vidal Peterson as Carl Sweetwater, John Pinette as William Melvin Belli, Jennifer Runyon as Hillary Bomgarden, Julie Uribe, and Kym Whitley

7 "The Credit Card" Howard Murray Eddie Gorodetsky July 11, 1992
Bobby's shopping spree ruins Vinnie's plans of buying a motorcycle.

Guest stars: Cosie Costa, Colleen Morris as Casey,  Hiram Kasten




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