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Weenie Tot Lovers & Other Strangers is the 18th episode of Season 5 of Married... with Children, also the 98th overall episode of the series. Directed by Gerry Cohen and written by Kevin Curran, the episode originally aired on FOX on March 24, 1991.


After Al tries to eat a single Peanut M&M he wrestled from a roach and warmed in a skillet (only to have it taken by Peg), Bud informs them that he, along with 4 other local Chicago area students, has been selected to visit the White House and meet the President, but he needs $100 to fund the trip. Al is hesitant as it's the last $100 the family has, but realzing how proud he is of Bud, he decides to issue him the check.

As Al is about to finish writing a check for Bud, Kelly rushes in and informs the family that she has an opportunity to be "Miss Weenie Tot", which would let her live her childhood dream, describing it as "[going] to supermarkets and [holding] a tray of Weenie Tots in front of a cold freezer, while a bunch of old men look up my dress". It would also mean that she would win a year's supply ofWeenie Tots, to which Al and Bud are excited about. But then she reveals that she would need $100 dollars to buy a new dress.

After realzing the dilema he has now, he decides to give Kelly the $100. He then accompanies her to the audition, held at the Weenie Tots factory and judged the by the president of the company and his "vice presidents". After answering questions and doing a series of jumping jacks and dances, Kelly ends up the winner. 

As Bud lies on the couch and eats cereal in disappointment, while watching the news about the other 4 students at the White House being showered with gifts and having fun, Al rushes in with the year's supply of Weenie Tots. Ignoring a depressed Bud and his plan to take a nap in traffic, Al and Peg start taking out Weenie Tots, but then Peg notices that there is a scratch 'n' sniff contest on the boxes where the winner will get $50,000. Al stops her before opening them all, pointing out that exposing Weenie Tots to air will accelerate their disintegration and tells her not open a single one while he's at work. 

Upon arriving home, he finds out that Peg decided not to listen to him and finds his Weenie Tots are now nothing more than dust in her attempt to find a winning card. Seeing that there is one remaining unopened box, he begs Peg not to open it until he can get his beer out of the fridge. She then ignores him again and seeing what she did, he informs her that she "just won a trip to Disney-fist", but then she shows him that she just found the winning card.

As they decide where to go and start to pack, Bud walks in and notices whats going on and their plan to abandon him and Kelly. He then tells them to give him whatever money they have in their pockets and will call it even with them. Just as Al and Peg are about to leave, he calls them back and points out that because Kelly is now a Weenie Tot employee, they are ineligible for the prize, while laughing hysterically and walking upstaris with the cash he just got from Al. 

Deciding on how to getting around this, they decide to bring Marcy and Jefferson on board to collect it for them and although hesitant at first, they decide to pick it up for them and split it with Al and Peg. When the press conference is held, Al and Peg notices that Marcy and Jeffereson are dressed up and appear ready to leave town without them. Kelly makes a poor attempt to convice the press that she doesn't know the D'arcys and that the money isn't going to split among them and her parents, just before the IRS rushes the podium and tell the press that Jefferson D'arcy is actually going to make partial restitution to those he defrauded with his Lake Chicamocomico scam. (Last referenced in Married with Who, Jefferson's first episode.)

Marcy then takes the microphone and tells the cameras that this was all Al Bundy's fault, as the IRS take away her plane tickets and her grandmother's ring, just before punching Jefferson. Kelly takes the mic and tells Al to leave town in (incorrect) pig latin. As Al get up from the couch in disapointment, Peg reveals that it probably wasn't a good idea to let Kelly know about the plan, and tries to convince him to be glad that it's all over now. He then points out it's not over just yet as he opens the front door to find an officer and his partner standing there with a smile and handcuffs ready to arrest him. He turns around to Peg and Bud and tells them now its over, then asks Officer Dan whats for dinner, to which he replied "Same thing every night...Weenie Tots" before tell them to book him and he walks away in handcuffs and a big smile on his face.

Guest stars/Recurring cast[]

Cast regulars

Guest starring[]

  • Ray Girardin as Mr. Shnick
  • Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst as Flopsie
  • Rick Ford as Johnson (as F. Richards Ford)
  • Milt Tarver as IRS Agent
  • Helena Apothaker as Butter Lefkowitz
  • Jennifer Braff as Rhonda Rose
  • Dan Tullis, Jr. as Policeman




  • Dan Tullis, Jr. appears in this episode as a Chicago Police Officer, though he isn't addressed by his regular character name, Officer Dan until season 8.
  • In this episode, it's revealed that Al earns 80 pesos instead of U.S. Dollars on his paycheck. By today's conversion rates, that paycheck would be just under $6 U.S..
  • Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst who plays Flopsie in this episode, would later return on MWC as one of Al's fantasy girls in "Route 666 (Part 2)" and a member of the Swedish Bikini Team in "The Gas Station Show".
  • Helena Apothaker, who played Butter Lefkowitz in this episode appears in the next episode, Kids! Wadaya Gonna Do? as Bud's date, Crystal and as Butter again in"You Better Shop Around (Part 1) as she walks past the family with Bud and another woman.
  • This episode would later be parodied on the NBC sketch comedy, The Rerun Show, with the Bundys now being played by Ozzy Osbourne and his family, in reference to the realty show The Osbournes and actor Erik Estrada playing the role of Officer Dan.
  • After hearing Al's story about being Joe Namath and winning the 1969 Super Bowl, Flopsie claims that she wasn't even born yet in 1969. Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst who played Flopsie was actually born two years earlier, in 1967.
  • As Bud points out to Al and Peg after they won, they would be considered ineligible to win the prize, as contests typically have rules that expressly prevent employees and their immediate family from being eligible to win.
  • This is the first episode to mention Al's favorite food, Weenie Tots.
  • Al's retirement property, Lake Chicamocomico is mentioned in this episode.
  • Prior to this episode, both Helena Apothaker and Milt Tarver appeared together on Beverly Hills 90210 in the episode "The Green Room".

Cultural References[]

  • After Peggy reveals that Al earn only 80 pesos, she tells him to stop being like Opie and get a real job. He then points out that at least Opie came home to Aunt Bee's pies and then compares Peggy to Aunt Bee. Both characters were from the 1960s sitcom, The Andy Griffith Show.
  • After Al snatches the check from Bud to give to Kelly, he sarcastically calls his parents "Gomez" and "Morticia", referring to the characters from the 1960s sitcom, The Addams Family.
  • At one point, Al tells Flopsie that he is actually retired NFL player Joe Namath and how he led his team, the New York Jet, to victory at Super Bowl III in 1969.
    • Super Bowl III featured Namath and the Jets playing against the Baltimore Colts, which also featured MWC guest star Bubba Smith.
    • The real Joe Namath later appeared on MWC as himself working at the new sports bar Al and Jefferson go to in "Dances with Weezie".
  • Al reveals that he has a lunch box featuring the women of the 1970s television series Charlie's Angels
  • Marcy said that she doesn't want to end up being "Bonnie to this man's Clod", which is a reference to the American criminal couple Bonnie and Clyde.  The couple was gunned down by authorities in Louisiana on May 23, 1934.
  • After Peggy opens the last box of Weenie Tots despite Al's plea, he makes a fist and threatens her, saying "Congratulations, Peg. You've just won a trip to Disneyfist!", referring to the amusement park, Disneyland.



  • Bundy Living Room / Kitchen
  • Weenie Tot Factory Waiting Room
  • Weenie Tot Factory Audition Area

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