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Where's the Boss? is the twelfth episode of Season 1 of the FOX sitcom Married... with Children, as well as the 12th overall episode in the series. Written by Marcy Vosburgh and Sandy Sprung, the episode was directed by Linda Day and premiered on FOX on June 21, 1987.


After mistakenly thinking the shoe store owner Gary is dead, Al decides to quit the shoe business if he doesn't get some personal recognition from the boss he has never met.


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  • Peggy: Come on now kids, we're Bundys. How often do we get to be happy?
  • Al: The only thing I wanted out of this death was a little recognition. Now, not only is Gary not dead, he still doesn't know I'm alive!
  • Peggy: Well, you know, honey, sometimes at night I'm not sure either. But then you burp

  • Peggy: Hey, Al. Isn't she the one that got wedged in the escalator?
  • Nancy: You must be the wife.
  • Peggy: And you must be why they're starving in China.

  • Nancy: Look, I got another appointment, so if you're not gonna leave, at least impale yourself on your shoehorn.
  • Al: All right, I said I was going, and I'm going. [begins walking towards Nancy] But let me tell you something: I'm not gonna just disappear. You'll see me again. Wherever a fat woman shoves her smelly foot in front of some poor guy's face - I'll be there. [turns away and puts one leg up on a nearby chair] Wherever someone comes into the store and tries to exchange a pair of shoes he's been wearing for three months - I'll be there. Whenever kids come into the store, take off their old shoes and try to sneak out with new ones - I'll be there, too. [pauses as he turns to face Nancy] And Madame, when Shamu needs a mate [aggressively points to her] - you'll be there! [puts his keys down on the counter and exits the store]




  • The set for Who's the Boss? was actually right next to the set for Married... with Children, as both shows filmed at ABC Television Center (now known as The Prospect Studios) before MWC moved to Sunset Gower Studios for season 3.
    • David Faustino has mentioned that he had a crush on Alyssa Milano, who played Samantha Micelli on the show.
    • The show also featured musical composer Jonathan Wolff, who would later serve as music composer for MWC from Season 7 onward and several future MWC guest actors, including Curnal Achilles Aulisio, Nicole Eggert, Vic Polizos, Billy Gallo, Candice Azzara, Walter Olkewicz and Beau Billingslea.
  • In this episode, everyone refers to Gary as "he", and Al pays a man to impersonate his boss. It is later revealed in "Business Still Sucks (Part 2)" that Gary is actually a woman.
  • As evidenced by the production code, this was the eleventh episode to be produced for the season, though it was the twelfth episode aired.
  • As Steve starts to mock Al quitting his job, at one point, he says "Remember what you did to my dog, Al?". This in reference to Bella, the dog that Al shot and killed several episodes earlier in "But I Didn't Shoot the Deputy".

Cultural References[]

  • Al's resignation speech is a parody of Tom Joad's closing speech in the 1939 novel, The Grapes of Wrath.
  • During Al's resignation speech, he mentions Shamu, the stage name of several orcas (a.k.a. killer whales) used at SeaWorld theme parks.
  • Steve mocks Al by suggesting that he could move down to Florida and work at Disney World playing Goofy while living in the trailer park.
    • Walt Disney World is a Florida based theme park and resort and is a supplement to the California based theme park, Disneyland.
    • Goofy is a Disney cartoon character, typically portrayed as a clumsy, inept anthropomorphic dog.
  • Al mentions that he should have gone into his father's line of work, before Peg reminds him that they have automated pinsetters now.
    • Pinsetters in modern times, refers to a machine that clears the pin deck, resets the pins after they are knocked down, and returns the ball to the bowler in bowling. Prior to 1950, pinsetters was a manual job in which boys or young men waited in a spot behind the pins to clear the deck, reset the pins and return the ball. The modern machines have essentially done away with pinsetters as a manual profession, although some bowling alleys still do employ manual pinsetters.



  • Bundy Living Room/Kitchen
  • Shoe Store
  • Stock Room

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