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Whoa Bundy! from 5x03

Whoa Bundy! is a family pride thing Al does with the family to show unity. When they plan on winning something, the Bundys put their hands together and shout 'Whoa Bundy!' as they raise their hands up into the air and show that they are now pumped up. It first appears in the season 2 episode "Alley of the Dolls", when Al and Peg are excited to beat the Stotz family at bowling. As Bud and Kelly come in, Al calls them over for the "Bundy cheer" and lead them into the Whoa! Bundy.

During the show's run, there have been some variations of the quote to match the situation that the Bundys may be in. For example, when Al saw what his world would have been like if he had never been born, Peg was married to Mr. Jablonski, and they shouted 'Whoa Jablonski!'. In another example, when Al is giving a speech about women in Speaker's Corner in London, he gathers up the male listeners to give him a "Whoa, women! I don't like 'em!" as Peggy looks on.

Variations of the quoteEdit

Wikia MWC - Jablonsky reaction

Al's reaction to the "Whoa Jablonski!"