Zorro, a male stripper who Peg Bundy and Marcy D'Arcy both go ga-ga over, appears in the Season 2 MWC: episodes "Girls Just Want To Have Fun: Part 1" and "Girls Just Want To Have Fun: Part 2". The part of Zorro is played in the episodes by former Fame TV series co-star Billy Hufsey.

About "Zorro"Edit

A male stripper, whose real name is Ramone. He works at Peg and Marcy's favorite club as a stripper. He refers to Peg as 'Big Red' and Marcy as the 'Tentacle'. He drops by Al's house to return Marcy's wedding ring, which she lost while tipping him. Al was unaware of the strip club, but was happy to have something to hold over Marcy. He also informed Zorro "If my wife ever loses anything down your pants, so will you." Peg and Marcy never go back to the club!